Saturday, 2 October 2010

White Oak Jewellery website is live!

I've gone and done it - finally. Yesterday I paid for hosting space for the domain name and this morning (at the horrendous time of 7 am) I uploaded the site.

Okay, I have to admit, it didn't work first time, but then it is the first time I've ever uploaded a website to the net so a few teething problems are to be expected.

But it is up and running now so I'm pleased with myself over that.

Now to figure out how to tell Google etc about the site and get them to start paying attention to it.

Then, one day it will hopefully start appearing on people's search results - although I know that will a lot more work on my part before it happens. Just 'cos the website is "out there" doesn't mean anyone can find it! That much I do know.

Full Persian bracelet

The other day I blogged about the full persian bracelet I had made - turns out it wasn't the full persian weave after all - I hadn't followed the instructions as closely as I should have done. But, by accident, I had made a Box Weave bracelet instead - I guess that is how new weaves are found/created.

Anyway, full persian or box, I still like the bracelet.

But it now means I can have another go at the full persian weave at some point - I'll just have to remember to pay a lot more attention to the instructions and accompanying photos.

Until next time

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