Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Silver clay course - the results!

On Sunday I attended a course on using silver clay (precious metal clay) to make things (technical term there).

This is the second time I've attended a course held by Nic of Murano Silver and it was even more fun this time around as I've played with silver clay in the gap between courses.

This time I wanted to tackle 3 particular tasks: making and using moulds of buttons; setting stones; and bails for hanging from.

Nic was able to fit my requests into the course nicely without taking too much time away from the other two ladies who were there.

As I was there a short while before the others arrived we were able to look at mould making and using before they arrived so that was good.

We then started the course by making a two piece framed pendant (top left in the photo below) before Nic showed me how to set a 3 mm stone into the eye of the fish using a drill bit about the size of the stone.

The other stone in the 3rd pendant was set into a hole that was slowly carved by hand as we couldn't find a drill bit that was the right size, so I'm really chuffed with that one.

Fine silver charms
The 2 piece framed pendant has a textured background and a tiny heart charm that has been attached to the front.

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