Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Updating my Etsy shop again!

After the last post I updated my White Oak Jewellery site so that it links into my new White Oak Jewellery Etsy shop.

That made me see just how many mistakes I had made in the listings on Etsy - I was trying to speed things up and keep listings looking similar so I had been copying one listing to make a new one! Not a big mistake really, but if you copy an "earrings" listing to make a "necklace" listing it's probably best to try and make sure you change the category of the listing from "earrings" to  "necklace" too otherwise the listing appears in the wrong category. Doh!

Anyway, I fixed the mistakes in the listings I had already made, and linked my website entries to the relevant Etsy listing using a "Buy Now" button. Then I uploaded the site to the web and thought it all looked good.

Of course, it turns out I haven't finished with updating the site - I forgot a couple of pages had prices on them. So now I'm working on a new set of listings for the Etsy shop. I'm trying not to let the same mistakes as I made before happen, but it's slow going.

I will get there in the end, then finish the links on the site.

Then I would really like to spend some more time making jewellery. Having recently bought a Dremel 3000 with flexshaft so I can more easily polishing sheet metal - I plan to play around with some sheet copper/silver. I have so many ideas floating around my head and sketch pad.

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